I work with you to clear out the clutter so you can live your best life.


MY Mission

I help people finally get rid of the stuff that weighs them down. Using common sense and informed by the principles of feng shui, I provide the guidance and accountability you need to take back your freedom and keep your possessions from ruling your life. 

Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.
— Peace Pilgrim, Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

my method

My goal is to help you change your habits around clutter and disorganization. I believe that if I help you clean out a closet you will feel better for a week, but if I help you change your relationship to your stuff you will be able to permanently keep your home clutter-free. 

Home organization depends on the people living in that home - there is no one size fits all. Together we'll analyze how you live in your home and organize it in the way that makes most sense for you.

I consider myself a coach, rather than an organizer. I want to help you recognize what gets in the way of having a tidy home, and work with you to overcome those obstacles.

Interested? Want to learn more? I invite you to schedule a one-on-one call to see what support I can offer.

If you always add and never subtract, you will eventually bury yourself.
— Peter Walsh


Some parts of your home are probably easy for you to keep organized. others, not so much. Here are some of the things I particularly like to work on:

kids' rooms

Children aren't usually great at managing their clutter, but I find that with guidance they are willing to let a lot of it go. I am a parent, and I know that when parents try to get their kids to clean up, power struggles often ensue. I'll spend time with your child going through bedroom and playroom, culling the things he or she has outgrown, organizing the rest. Kids like a tidy, clutter-free space!

art studios/craft rooms

I am a working artist, and have had studios as large as 800 square feet and as small as 80 square feet. I know how art supplies and projects can take over the world and are hard to wrangle. I can help you think about which items need to be immediately available and which can be tucked away for later use. We'll declutter first, then work on the best organizational system. I find that vertical storage solutions are particularly effective for artists' supplies.

inherited items

Going through the possessions left to us by loved ones is an emotional journey. It's hard to let go of the things that were touched by our parents, spouses and friends. I will help you determine which items will fit into your life and become a tribute to your loved one. We'll find good homes for the things that you no longer need. 


As the heart of the house, kitchens attract clutter of every conceivable kind. Often the storage we have isn't used in the most effective way. Doing some reorganization of cupboards and closets can help make your tasks in the kitchen more efficient. Then for the decluttering - this is a room that is often filled with both food and gadgets that are never used. Finally, we'll look at the things that end up in the kitchen but really belong somewhere else. Why do they migrate? How can we create a system for getting them back home after use?