#clutteralert archive

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week 1

Bedside table: Tidy, dust, remove items that belong elsewhere. Reshelve books not being read. Toss unused, unloved items. Add a flashlight?

week 2

Winter gear. Collect hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats. Toss what you do not love or use. Clean things that need it. Store out of the way until next winter.

week 3

Under the kitchen sink. Remove everything, toss anything you do not use. Clean area, put frequently used items in front. Photograph results!

week 4

Front porch/stoop/steps. Sweep well. Remove items that are not used in that space. Does this area welcome you home?

week 5

Home entertainment area(s). Dust/clean TV, stereo, gaming equipment. Sort movies, games, music: toss any you do not love or use. Be strong!

week 6

Flower pots. If you are a gardener you definitely have too many. Gloves, tools and other supplies as well. Grow it or give it away!

week 7

Drinkware: mugs, glasses, water bottles, sippy cups. Anything that gets liquid to your mouth. Clear it out! Post results using #clutteralert.

week 8

Eyewear. Glasses, contacts, cases, accessories. Get rid of any you do not use. Donate frames to your local Lion's Club!

week 9

Linens. Look at all towels, sheets, blankets, etc. Toss any you do not love or use. Wash any that need it. Fold neatly, store so that you know what's what.

week 10

Shoes. Collect them ALL. Look critically, then toss the ones you don't like, don't wear, any that are too worn. Take care of any repairs or polishing needed.