#clutteralert archive

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week 1

Bedside table: Tidy, dust, remove items that belong elsewhere. Reshelve books not being read. Toss unused, unloved items. Add a flashlight?

week 2

Winter gear. Collect hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats. Toss what you do not love or use. Clean things that need it. Store out of the way until next winter.

week 3

Under the kitchen sink. Remove everything, toss anything you do not use. Clean area, put frequently used items in front. Photograph results!

week 4

Front porch/stoop/steps. Sweep well. Remove items that are not used in that space. Does this area welcome you home?

week 5

Home entertainment area(s). Dust/clean TV, stereo, gaming equipment. Sort movies, games, music: toss any you do not love or use. Be strong!

week 6

Flower pots. If you are a gardener you definitely have too many. Gloves, tools and other supplies as well. Grow it or give it away!

week 7

Drinkware: mugs, glasses, water bottles, sippy cups. Anything that gets liquid to your mouth. Clear it out! Post results using #clutteralert.

week 8

Eyewear. Glasses, contacts, cases, accessories. Get rid of any you do not use. Donate frames to your local Lion's Club!

week 9

Linens. Look at all towels, sheets, blankets, etc. Toss any you do not love or use. Wash any that need it. Fold neatly, store so that you know what's what.