#clutteralert archive

Need a quick decluttering project? Try one of these - if it goes well, try another!

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week 1

Bedside table: Tidy, dust, remove items that belong elsewhere. Reshelve books not being read. Toss unused, unloved items. Add a flashlight?

week 2

Winter gear. Collect hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats. Toss what you do not love or use. Clean things that need it. Store out of the way until next winter.

week 3

Under the kitchen sink. Remove everything, toss anything you do not use. Clean area, put frequently used items in front. Photograph results!

week 4

Front porch/stoop/steps. Sweep well. Remove items that are not used in that space. Does this area welcome you home?

week 5

Home entertainment area(s). Dust/clean TV, stereo, gaming equipment. Sort movies, games, music: toss any you do not love or use. Be strong!

week 6

Flower pots. If you are a gardener you definitely have too many. Gloves, tools and other supplies as well. Grow it or give it away!

week 7

Drinkware: mugs, glasses, water bottles, sippy cups. Anything that gets liquid to your mouth. Clear it out! Post results using #clutteralert.

week 8

Eyewear. Glasses, contacts, cases, accessories. Get rid of any you do not use. Donate frames to your local Lion's Club!

week 9

Linens. Look at towels, sheets, blankets, etc. Toss any you do not use. Wash any that need it. Fold neatly, store so that you know what's what.

week 10

Shoes. Collect them ALL. Look critically, then toss the ones you don't wear, don't like, or that are just worn out. Repairs or polishing needed? Do it!

week 11

Wall décor. Do you still like what's hanging up? Try rearranging a little so it all looks fresh. Support a local artist - buy something new!

week 12

Workout stuff. Do you really need that many t-shirts, leggings, water bottles, earbuds, weights, et.? Get your gear in shape along with your bod!

week 13

Skincare items. Jars, tubes, pots, bars, and bottles of lotion, cleanser, sunscreen, potions and elixirs. Out with the old or unused.

week 14

Condiments! Those suckers multiply when you're not looking. Check fridge and shelves. Toss, toss, toss. Then cook something new!

week 15

Cutlery. How many kitchen knives do you have? How many of them do you actually like? Spoons, forks, knives, serving pieces. 1, 2, 3, purge!

week 16

Candles. Do you have lots of candle stubs? Tapers that don't fit your candle holders? While you're at it sort through the candle holders, too.

week 17

Houseplants. Are they legit still alive? Do they need repotting? Dusting? New windowsills to live upon? Give 'em some TLC. Compost if you must.

week 18

Dental care! How many toothbrushes are lounging sinkside? Does anyone even use the blue one? Toss any dental accoutrements you do not use.

week 19

Kitchen drawer - pick just one or do them all! Sort, clean, and reduce - you know the drill. Move rarely used items to increase space.

week 20

Purse, backpack, tote bag. Clear out the old receipts, loose change, extra hair ties, pens, lip balm, etc. Presto, you can find things again!

week 21

The medicine cabinet. Toss expired meds and old makeup, clean and tidy what's left!

week 22

Socks and underwear. It's time – get rid of the stretched, mismatched, stained, full of holes, saved for when the laundry basket is full.

week 23

Winter sports gear. Does it fit? Will you use it? Get rid of anything you no longer need and clean up the stuff you still want.

week 24

Pet supplies. Brushes, toys, bowls, cleaning products, spare leashes, equipment and habitats. Clear it out! Keep what you need.

week 25

Reference books. Dictionaries, gardening guides, craft books, DIY manuals. Super useful! Unless they are perpetually unused.

week 26

Spices! Are they dry and dusty? Do they lack labels? Spruce 'em up. Dump the old ones, then maybe try cooking something new tonight?

week 27

Sleepwear and loungewear. Pajamas, robes, slippers, cozy clothes. I know no one else sees them, but get rid of the trashed ones anyway.

week 28

It's Christmas, give yourself a break! Not your holiday? Then you REALLY need a break - am I right? Declutter your schedule if you can and REST.

week 29

Files. Not as hard as you think. Bet you're holding onto a lot of irrelevant paper! 15 minutes at a time until you're done - maybe a bit each day?

week 30

Stationery. Cards, notes, postcards, invitations, holiday greetings. Some you may use, some you never will. Write a letter while you're at it!

week 31

The freezer. Do you know what's hiding in there? Clean it out! Practice acceptance and throw away anything you do not ever want to eat.

week 32

Broom closet. Or wherever you keep cleaning supplies & implements. Toss those that are not useful. Tidy the rest. Move all to a single location?

week 33

Music. Albums, CDs, cassettes. Do you have the means to play all the music you own? Keep the favorites, ditch the ones you think you should like.

week 34

T-shirts. Toss the torn, the stained, the too-small, the just plain ugly or unloved. Before you start ask yourself how many you really want to own.

week 35

Cookbooks. Keep the ones you love. Toss the ones you do not love. Easy peasy. Now how about picking out a new recipe?

week 36

Email newsletters! Do you end up on as many lists as I do? Don't just delete, unsubscribe. Go do ten right now. Then a few each day as needed.

week 37

Drawer organization. Dividers will keep every drawer from becoming a junk drawer. Start small and don't spend a lot of money. Inspiration here.

week 38

Pots and pans. ALL cooking and baking vessels. Get rid of the extras! Move those you rarely use to a more distant location if space is tight.

week 39

Random paper making itself at home in the corners of your house. Collect, sort, toss as much as you can. Be realistic about what needs to be saved.

week 40

Art supplies. If this is a big category, start with pens, paints, brushes, markers and paper of all kinds. Donate anything you will honestly never use.

week 41

Cleaning supplies! The ones you never use. Add in old paint, gardening amendments and other hazardous waste. Get those toxins out of the house.

week 42

The garage. Or shed. Doesn't matter what it looks like right now - just get in there and spend 20 minutes decluttering. Repeat as necessary.

week 43

Tupperware/kitchen storage. You probably don't need them all. Especially those that are bent, scarred or missing lids. Tidy up and toss, toss, toss.

week 44

Correspondence - the paper kind. Are you keeping old birth announcements, holiday cards, letters or notes? Review and keep only the magical ones.

week 45

Promotional stuff. Anything with a logo, picked up at a game or conference, that does not get used. Do you need those mugs, tote bags, post-its?

week 46

Magazines. Pick a date: recycle any received before then. You're not saving information, you're saving clutter. Review THEN renew subscriptions.

week 47

Furniture! Have a piece (or two) that is serving no real purpose? Space really opens up when you get rid of chairs, tables, ottomans, dressers...

week 48

Email. Challenge yourself: How many can you delete in one sitting? MAKE DECISIONS. Don't keep things just because you can.

week 49

The car. Any idea what's in the glove box? Under the seats? Clear it out, clean it out, give it a little love. We show gratitude for our things by caring for them.

week 50

Old computers and computer accessories: printer, mouse, speakers, hard drive. Get them to a recycling center, stat! Take the hundred cords, too.

week 51

Phones. Landline and cell. Also chargers that no longer work or fit, earbuds you don't like, cases that are trashed. Anything you don't use.

week 52

Hats. Sun, winter, baseball, trucker. All the lids. Keep the ones you use, toss the ones you don't. You probably have more than you realize.

week 53

Pants, shorts, skirts, leggings. The bottom half. Keep what you love, toss the rest. Easy-peasy. Please don’t keep things that do not fit!

week 54

Camping gear. Anything dirty or dingy or dusty, to quote Oscar the Grouch. Keep what you actually use, not "maybe someday". Donate the rest!

week 55

Jewelry. Bet you've got a lot of extras. Clean it up, clear it out. There are so many options for donating. Do good with the stuff you don't wear!

week 56

Bicycles, scooters, even unicycles! And the gear: helmets, lights, locks, pumps. Have you upgraded but kept the old? Is it time to donate?

week 57

Computer files. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't cluttering up your life. Go through folders and delete, delete, delete!

week 58

Mixing bowls, serving dishes, platters. Do you have more than you can use? Is there one that just doesn't fit anywhere? Edit, edit, edit.