Junk Is a Just a State of Mind

I see a lot of junk drawers. I love them. I think every house should have a drawer or two of miscellaneous stuff. In my house I tend to have bowls of tiny junk rather than drawers. It’s more accessible that way? Or perhaps I’m too lazy to open a drawer? I don’t know, I just know that it’s human nature to dump kinda useful not-quite-sure-what-to-do-with-it stuff in a common area and go spelunking in there when we need a safety pin.

The other thing I love about junk drawers is organizing them. Nothing too crazy, just finding some boxes or jars or tins or whatever that are already lying around the house and dividing the junk into categories. Because that way you can actually find that thing you are looking for. And maybe you’ll be inspired to recycle those old batteries…

As long as your junk is limited to a couple of drawers or bowls or baskets or whatever you are well within tolerance for a normal human who is not Martha Stewart. But when those drawers become whole closets, or rooms, it might be time for you to address the problem. In which case you call me! Because I can help.