And Now a Word About Setbacks

I broke my ankle recently. Let's just say I was doing something glamorous and wildly fun. It's not actually true, but in this case I'll take fantasy over the mundane truth. 

The result of this little accident was 6 weeks on the couch. I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive. My lovely teenagers took care of me. They also kind of took care of the house. Meaning that when prompted, sometimes rather forcefully, they emptied the dishwasher and took out the garbage They even did my laundry. They definitely did not do the kind of day to day tidying and cleaning that is a regular part of my life. And boy, did it show.

Being stuck on a couch in rainy gray Oregon springtime was depressing. Being stuck on the couch in a messy, cluttered house was frustrating. Altogether it was not the happiest time for me. But I'm a big believer in silver linings, so I'll share my two big takeaways from what will heretofore be known as The Lost Spring of '18.

1. My to-do list got short. Very, very short. And we did not die. The earth did not stop spinning, the essentials were still managed. It sort of made me wonder about the stuff that's usually on that list. I mean, how essential are those tasks that seem absolutely critical? Apparently many of them are not actually necessary to basic survival. In fact, now I can't even remember what they were, so that gives me an idea of their importance.

2. Now that I'm off crutches and can hobble about, the house is coming back together pretty quickly. Which means that despite it looking and feeling out of control, it is still basically organized and decluttered. This speaks to the years of work I've done to pare down and simplify.

One of my tenets of maintaining order in the house is being diligent about setting aside time to manage the clutter. I've long believed that if you can get control of your stuff and organize it effectively then a setback can be easily overcome. Now I have the proof. Six weeks of neglect definitely had an impact, but in just a few days I'm getting it all back. Now to get back to driving...



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