Another Thing To Jettison - Resolutions!

I'm all about clearing away guilt, shame and discouragement along with your unwanted junk. That means thinking critically about what you bring into your life, and as far as I'm concerned New Years resolutions are just so much junk. Unless you are much more disciplined than the average human you will inevitably fail in sticking to your resolutions. If you're anything like me you will have forgotten their very existence by February. 

If you really like to start a new year with optimism and plans for personal growth I have two ideas that might help you along more than a list of rules, which is what resolutions really boil down to.

Number 1 - Word of the Year. My sister loves this one, and can tell you what her words have been for the last decade. I find that I lose track after a couple of months, but I do have a fairly short attention span. The idea is to think of something you'd like more of this year - abundance, honesty, health, peace. Then repeat that word to yourself on the daily, post it where you will see it, concentrate on ways to get more of that thing into your life. Simple and effective, and much better than thinking about what you don't want. 

Number 2 - Goals List. A friend introduced me to this concept recently, and I find it much more compelling than a resolution list. Goals can be specific or broad, and at the end of the year you can see if you met them, or how well you met them. Examples: explore new restaurants, spend at least four weekends hiking, learn a new skill. They're goals - you can't really fail at them. And they may inspire you to spend your money on things like plane tickets or cooking classes, which will not clutter up your house. Win win. 

Whatever your strategy, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Bring in what makes you happy, discard what makes you tired or sad.