No, You Don't Just Need a New Organizational System...


Organizing your stuff means developing systems to maintain it. Some of these are really beneficial; filing papers instead of letting them pile up on counters, chairs and spare parts of the floor, for example, can really improve your life. Reducing the amount of stuff you own means there is less need for expanded closet space, an additional filing cabinet, a second garage.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for staying organized.  In fact, I have a single organizing mantra: everything you own should have a home. And I don't mean on the dining room table. It's nearly impossible to clean up if things don't have a spot to return to - you just end up shifting things around and making temporary clutter vignettes.

If an item doesn't have a home you shouldn't draw the immediate conclusion that you don't have enough storage space. You have what you have, so it has to be enough. If you need an additional bookshelf, so be it. But if you spend most of your time researching storage solutions on Pinterest, I've got news for you - you need to get rid of some stuff.

I am solidly against spending money on boxes and bins in order to avoid the real problem - you have too many things. Things that don't serve you, things that require physical and emotional space, things that keep you from moving forward with new endeavors. Get serious about getting rid of those things that are weighing you down, and spend less time worrying about home organization.