Follow at your peril.

Today I found myself scrolling through Gwyneth Paltrow's Instagram account. I do not like Mrs. GOOP. I find her annoying and self-congratulatory, and she is not someone I wish to emulate. But I followed an internet wormhole and was soon engrossed in her magical selfies and effusive love-laden kudos to her celebrity friends. And although I have NO INTEREST in being like Gwyneth, I couldn't help but notice how pretty she is. And how lovely the locations from which she posts. And how much her fans adore her... Luckily I had a moment of clarity and egressed immediately. 

You've probably heard news stories about the insidious effects of social media on our psyches. I'm here to tell you that it's real. Here I was starting to feel pretty inferior to a person I DON'T ADMIRE. Who clearly filters every photo. And maybe doesn't even maintain her own account? I mean, this is part of a huge marketing strategy, right? And I'm going to let that make me feel that I should be prettier and richer and more popular and...?

All of which is to say that you might want to declutter your social media accounts along with your closets. Are there people you follow who make you feel inferior, lazy, unattractive, boring? Dump them. Do it now. You are doing a great job of being you, and you don't have time to wallow in feeling bad. I would tell you to remember that people only post the highlights of their lives, not the day-to-day reality, but honestly it's too much work to try to maintain perspective while you battle feelings of inferiority.

Do yourself a favor - unclutter your social media feeds, removing anything and anyone that makes you feel crappy on the reg. Find more of the people who make you feel good. My personal favorites are The Rock, George Takei and Lena Dunham. Whoever they are for you, follow the people that bing you happiness and throw away pain and suffering.