Are you tired of drowning in a sea of possessions?


We live in a era of plenty, and for most of us it brings more anxiety than joy. Stop simply reorganizing your things; get rid of the excess forever! I can help you learn to declutter, to permanently rid yourself of the stuff that's driving you crazy and keeping you from the things that really deserve your attention. Your home should be an oasis, the place in which you relax and recharge.

You can do this! I can help.


Get a weekly declutter prompt sent directly to your phone

Each Sunday I send a text to subscribers with a 15 minute decluttering task. You’ll tackle these little projects one by one and watch as your house is transformed. Incrementalism is the key to an uncluttered life! For past prompts, look here.

To subscribe, text “throwaway” to 31996.

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want to dip your toe in?

I love working with clients one on one, and I love running workshops and online classes. On the horizon are free workshops, online classes and a free video challenge.

Stay abreast of upcoming events - hope to see you soon.